Bharat English High School and Junior College, Thane, Maharashtra

Bharat Bhavan, Kopri Colony, Thane East - 400603

022-2532 1526 / 1662

Payment of School Fees using BHIM app or any bank's UPI app

We are glad to introduce payment of school fees using BHIM app. You may use BHIM app or any bank's UPI app.

Steps to pay school fees using BHIM app:

  1. If you do not already have BHIM app on your mobile, install and configure the BHIM app on your mobile. If you face any difficulty in installing or configuring BHIM app on your mobile, please talk to your bank. 
  2. Using BHIM app, scan the QR code printed on the Fee Deposit slip received from the school. If your Fee Deposit slip does not have QR code, talk to school and ask for a new Fee Deposit slip with QR code.
  3. BHIM app will show amount to be paid and remarks will be auto filled. Do NOT change the amount payable or remarks. 
  4. Authorise the payment of fees by entering your UPI PIN. Amount will instantly get transferred from your bank account to school's bank account. 
  5. Within 5 working days, you should get a SMS from school confirming receipt of amount paid.